For the owner:

Once you have completed the registration form and created an account you will receive a personal QR code.

Compose your own package with stickers that fits your situation. Use them to label everything that you’d like to get back as quickly as possible in the unfortunate event of losing it.

As soon as your code is scanned, you will receive an email through TriqQR that an item has been found. The finder won’t be able to see any of your details after scanning. Only when you contact the finder yourself your identity will become known. You can then agree on how your belongings will be returned to you. Do you need more stickers? No worries! You can order extra stickers in the shop. As many as you like at a competitive price.

For the finder:

You have found an item that was lost by someone. The owner will be thrilled to hear! Please scan the code. Don’t have a free QR code scanner on your phone?

Download it here:


Once you’ve scanned the code the “finder’s” form will appear. Be sure to fill in your name and email address. Your phone number is also handy, but not required. Fill in what you found and where you found it and TriqQR will make sure that the form will reach the owner, who can then contact you. Together you can agree on how the item will be returned to its owner.

TriqQR … what have you got to lose?


Let TriqQR help you find your lost belongings!