Lost?             Found!


TriqQR … the fastest & cheapest way between lost & found items


Subscription from € 5,00 / year

(daily terminable)

Stickers from € 7,95 / 23 pieces

Because you hope it never happens … 

your suitcase not arriving at your holiday destination

your bag staying behind in the train

your coat being left somewhere

your (grand)child losing a favorite stuffed animal

What do you think?  I never lose anything?  That won’t happen to me?  Or has it ever happened to you and you never want to experience it again?

Don’t wait until it’s to late!

Therefor take the initiative now and let TriqQR help you. Label all your belongings easily with stickers with your unique QR code. As soon as your code has been scanned, you will recieve an e-mail within 2 minutes that something you lost has been found.

  • Fast

  • Effective

  • Simple

  • Anonymous

  • Cheap

  • Global

How does TriqQR work?


Test it here …


1. scan this code

2. follow the instructions

3. receive a discount

   (value of € 5,00)



… or watch the clip



TriqQR … label it with a sticker. Just in case!



TriqQR … what have you got to lose?